Please visit our Cluster calendar for the re-opening of Masses starting on May 30, 2020.

Welcome to the Archangels Catholic Cluster!

HAPPY PENTECOST!  For Catholics, our fifty-day Easter Season ends with the Feast of Pentecost this weekend.   As we dealt with the COVID-19 crisis this Lenten and Easter Season, we can still find “NEW” things to experience as we close out this Easter Season.

As I said during these last few weeks the new life comes because May is the month of Mary, our blessed Mother!  She told us in 1917 at Fatima that the “errors of Russia” will spread, like the COVID-19 virus, across the world.  The greatest error is Communism.  This virus came because the Chinese Communist Party put its survival over the lives of people throughout the world.  This “error” has killed almost one half million people around the world, so far.   Only Mary’s Immaculate Heart can defeat these errors, according to Fatima.  So, Pope Francis, our Holy Father is asking us to seek Mary’s Immaculate Heart through rosaries and two new prayers to ask Mary’s defeat of the virus.  Go to our Cluster website and/or our Facebook to see the Pope’s letter and two rosary prayers.

Finally with the beginning of public Masses, our new life comes in a renewed appreciation of “Spiritual Communion” when we watch Fr. Paul’s live-streamed Mass or other Masses.  Spiritual Communion was the main way most lay Catholics experienced the Eucharist until 1910 when Pope Pius X encouraged “frequent Communion”.  Spiritual Communion can never be received unworthily, but traditional Eucharist can be if we are not in the “state of grace”.  St. Paul in First Corinthians 11:27-32 said receiving communion unworthily will result in illness, infirmity, and even death.  Doesn’t that sound like the COVID-19 disease?  But Spiritual Communion only gives us sacramental grace to build up the Body of Christ.

Let’s all examine our conscience to see if we are in the state of grace to receive Eucharist worthily as public Masses begin again.  Before receiving Eucharist go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and make a good confession to receive that state of grace as a gift of the Church.

Pope’s May Month Marian Prayers

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A message from Archbishop Michael Jackel on re-opening.

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