Archangels Cluster Faith Formation Leaders

Faith Formation Leaders of the Archangels Catholic Cluster - As of 8/26/20

Supervisors of Faith Formation Director

Fr. Andrew Marr & Fr. Joseph Sevcik

Director of Faith Formation

Paul Schoneman - 641-860-2154 - [email protected]

*The director of Faith Formation is the supervisor of the people listed below. Please follow the chain of command, I am hired to assist and lead. Please feel free to contact me as needed. Also, please keep me informed of activities and concerns. Remember, good communication builds a positive culture and climate! -Paul Schoneman

Faith Formation Administrator

Theodore Schoneman - 641-923-2329 - [email protected]

Youth Minister

Julie Blomme - 641-430-9555 - [email protected]

RCIA Coordinators

Doug and Dawn Doughan - 641-860-1398 - [email protected]

Program Site Coordinators *Coordinators are immediate supervisors of catechists

Britt: Noralyn Clark - 641-863-0085 - [email protected]

Buffalo Center: Melissa Duvé - 641-566-3470 - [email protected]

Forest City: Rachel Evans - 641-430-9562 - [email protected]

Garner/Duncan: Bret - 641-430-2265 - & Jennifer Bredlow - 641-860-0226  - [email protected]

Lake Mills: Erin Brandenburg - 641-592-1933 - [email protected]